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I received a surprise email a few days back. S Ramakrishnan or Ramki as we know him is a Managing Partner in PKF Chennai, a family friend for over 2 decades. I have admired his innate aptitude for re-constructing deeper meaning and adding value to many topics he regularly reads and shares.
I had to post his take on the various chapters from my book: The Game of Change. It is a pleasant surprise and a great honor for me to receive his review on my book.

And I quote :-

“Chapter 1 – Zero to Hero

It’s nice to see that some of your messages mirror the Bhagvad Gita/Upanishads; though I am just in Kindergarten, I could find a few parallels; your advice ‘learn to appreciate everything that life is offering you’ is very much the essence of the other (!) Gita – Chapter 2 sloka 38 which exhorts us to: treat alike pain & pleasure, gain & loss, victory & defeat!

Your example of Rope and Snake is found throughout Vedas and Gita to show us the ephemeral nature of the world. When it is dark or when it is very bright you won’t mistake a rope for a snake; it is only when there is less light you get that fear. When there is half knowledge one mistakes the world as true and does not realize it is Mithya/mirage. There is but One Reality.

Your choice of words is beautiful.

Examples being:

  1. Give your body a happy liver (First time I am reading this!)
  2. Focus on things that work.
  3. You have to give her a good ear.
  4. Often it is better to be kind than right.
  5. Start counting all the blessings.

These are the essence of life and given in a distilled form, presented in a very, simple, lucid and eloquent way!

Will write more after I read more…”

More to come soon…

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