#CleanseYourLifeChallenge : Anxiety

Anxiety is a complex state of mind which affects millions of humans every day. It is not to be looked at as an overreaction. It is there to protect you from stress. It is okay to feel lost, anxious and restless. What is important is the next step.

The stories you tell yourself about these ups and downs in your life has a direct impact on your ability to handle stress and anxiety. While anxiety may be caused by something beyond your control, much like the COVID-19 virus situation, it causes panic and fear, both of which does not help.

Another way to react to a situation is by acceptance. Once you accept the situation your mind becomes a bit calmer. It helps you find creative solutions by looking for that little spark, that silver lining, that needle in the hay stack waiting to be discovered to make the best of the situation.

I look at life as a beautiful journey with phases of ups and downs and this helps me tide my anxious moments. What about you? Would you like to share how you tide over anxiety?

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