Stress to Zen

I was invited to talk at OPM52, Harvard Reunion at Portugal on 7th Oct 2019.

The topic being :From Stress to Zen. Set at a relaxed atmosphere at a winery near Lisboa, with leaders and change makers from OPM/ Harvard , I couldn’t have asked for more.

Interestingly I noticed I was in stress and tried the breathing technique I recommended to the audience. I call it 3-3-6 technique. Breath in to the count of 3, hold to the count of 3 and slowly breath out to the count of 6. But nothing helped calm my racing heart beat. I did go ahead and deliver my speech. After-all, my new motto was ‘I am not perfect’.

What was the reason behind my stress. My perception of the ‘Harvard’ audience, how will people judge me… ┬áThe best part of life, in my opinion is, it is a good leveler. It grounds you and offers lessons at every nook and corner. It is for us to take that pause, do the 3-3-6, helping us be aware of our thoughts and feelings, and use these awareness and learnings to a better ‘I’.

It was an awesome and humbling experience and I am truly grateful to OPM52 for offering me this amazing opportunity.

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