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Wellness Factor in Health:

When we talk of being healthy, it is not just being physical fit and able, it is also about being mentally fit and able to handle the stress and pressures of life. Many of us go through the daily stress of life , hoping to get the best out of life. I have notices for many of us, the prime focus is our profession which then translates to money needed to maintain and manage our standard of living needs and to take care of our family. It can also be the passion and enthusiasm at work that is our driving force. Either ways we cannot escape the stress and pressure around it. Does it affect your physical health? Are you suffering from life style diseases ranging from food intolerances, digestion issues, frequent headaches, even random aches and pains, obesity, PCOD, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Are you feeling burnt and constantly feel tired with no energy to handle the stress of life, instead of feeling confident, successful and happy. This you are in the right place…read on…

Physical Fitness:

Having a fit and active body helps by supporting us pursue our goals and follow what is important to us. While we tend to get busy and buried in these goals, which mostly consist of a sedentary and indulgent lifestyle, making time for physical activity is important. Many International organizations recommend about 150 min/ week of moderate cardio exercises for an adult to remain fit. Now we can translate this into 3 one hour cardio activity per week like walking, cycling, swimming or the likes. It can also add up as 5 half hour walks per week, which is achievable. Now you can even split the half hour walk into 3 ten min brisk walk in the day. I am mentioning these recommendations, to help one realize how doable and easily to include these activities are. A walk up and down the house, or the office area, or a park. Leaves hardly any excuse option open.  I set up alarms in my phone to remind me for my 5pm daily walk. I know of some people who keep their gym clothes near their bedside, to make the morning walk more possible.

Mental Fitness:

I have noticed people pay little attention to mental fitness. They think it is natural to feel tired, drained, fatigued and frustrated. They think what choice do they have, as the stress of life is not going to go away.  Having a strong body goes a long way to strengthen our mind, to be able to deal with the stress of life. You will notice that if you feel tired easily, are working long hours, you are more prone to falling sick or catching colds easily.  On the other hand, if you work out regularly and have an active lifestyle, you are less likely to fall sick that often. Similarly being mentally fit to handle all the stress of life, makes you a happy and more confident. And this mental confidence supports your physical wellness, makes is less likely for you to fall sick as often, and not fall prey to lifestyle diseases.

Brain Gym:

I have some across many recommended brain gym and am sharing some of them. They are easy to try fun activities.  Brush your teeth with your non dominant hand for a few days. Cooking and playing the piano are other great brain gym activities, stimulating different sides of your brains. Spending time in relaxed and fun activity, opens up the creative problem solving side of the brain that shuts down under stress. Make time to having more fun, laughing more and taking the break from work once in a while, even if it for an hour or less.

Seeking Help:

Sometimes, when you just feel sad, feel like crying for no apparent reason, feel a sense of hopelessness and lack interest in life, you sleep for really long hours, often feel fatigue, loss of appetite or anything that does not feel normal, these are few signs of mental ill-health. The best option is to seek help. Consult with your doctor or reach out for professional help with a phycologist or a psychiatrist. Seeking help is a sign of strength.

In Conclusion:

Happy body = Happy mind and Happy mind = Happy body. And having a physically and mentally fit body and mind allows us to use our own internal strength in pursuing our goals, our plans, allowing us to write our success stories despite the stress and tough life and surroundings.

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