Dr Carol Dweck is a psychologist and studies people’s mindset. She

believes people have Fixed and Growth Mindset. People with Fixed Mindset feel that a person is born with an innate talent. This ’belief’ put a limitation to their growth potential and they tend to play the victim and can get resigned to their version of a fact.

Whereas a Growth Mindset is when you believe you can be as good as anyone in a skill and need the right input, focus, help and practice to achieve it. Once we adapt a Growth Mindset, the opportunities are limitless. It is also researched that learning by mistakes and from experiences stay stronger in our brains, rather than simply being told and following instructions blindly. Have you tried and allowed your children to experiment with and experience failure and learn from it? It helps them appreciate and aspire success in the long run. fear is our biggest stopper. What if they don’t learn? What if I try this and don’t succeed? Let me be safe and cautious and not speak, lest people will make fun of me. In-fact the ability to think out of the box, give your feedback or clear your thought-process with your boss, help you be a better achiever.

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