Chapter 4 – Unlocking Success1 min read

Ramki’s Input: Week 4

  1. It was nice to read about Sri. Sivaswamy the founder of Transworld; like all founder’s stories it is so inspiring. I think other than Charles Kettering there was no person who was (nearly) blind who built a business empire!
  2. Dreaming BIG – Goddess Namakkal gave Ramanujam complex math formulae in his dreams; Einstein is supposed to have discovered the principle of relativity after a dream. For some dreaming big comes naturally; some have to take efforts to dream! Our Scriptures talk a lot about Svapna –dreams and compare it to life itself which is a larger longer dream!
  3. Cutting your goals into small measurable ones and taking baby steps; I love this. I call this doing things in ‘bitable chunks’; for example- I started writing about each chapter of this book; if I had decided to write the whole thing in one shot, I probably would not even have started!
  4. My regimen for walking minimum 10k steps a day is a little severe; instead of rewarding myself for achieving it, I punish myself; if without cause (which I document) I do not walk, I need to walk double the gap on Sunday! It works!
  5. I learnt now only body has 25000 genes and about Epigenetics; I would have expected much more numbers considering all the varieties of humans; incredible what these 25k genes do to us!!
  6. Food – Gita describes how food affects Satvic / Rajasic/ Tamasic qualities in people. ‘You are what you eat!’
  7. The picture for ‘Dream and it is yours’ is beautiful and very apt! I do not know how many people pause to understand what it says!
  8. The Quadrants is a very practical way of prioritizing your things; I need to divide by ‘to do list’ into quadrants!

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