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What does Holistic  Health and Wellness mean?

I look at health and wellness from a holistic point of view. If you were to measure your health, is it only your physical health? Do you have any lifestyle diseases or sleep deprivation. How much water do you drink. What about your physical activity level.  But focusing on this alone is not enough. Now you have your mental health to look after as well. What is your stress level, how do you handle stress, Do you get frustrated at work or at home, how do you express anger. The mental health also touches on your emotional health. Do you shy away from expressing your thoughts, your hurt? Once you start focusing on and putting your thoughts together on all these questions, you start to look at health with a 360 degree angle, with a holistic view . This will help you understand that being physical fit will support how you stay mentally strong to face all the stress and difficulties in life and enhances your ability to be more productive and successful.  And your mental fitness supports you being physically able and active.  

 Focusing on one at the cost of the other:

Often focusing on your professional life, family and social life, the health part gets ignored, not to mention your personal choices gets not time or attention at all. For example when you want to achieve in your professional life, you spend more energy and hours in that space. And you are unable to balance the time left for things you love to do or your family, cause you have just 24 hours and you are super drained already.

Prioritization Trick:

I follow this prioritization that has worked for me. I first focus on myself. What I want and why it is important. Then I add my wish list and work out time slots for the week: Yoga, meditation, workout and cycling time, add self-improvement time, which currently includes reading and taking a health coaching assessment exam. I fix my work time and note what I can focus within it for that week. I also put in family time,  my chill time and sleep time. I also make a weekly food and water plan chart. With most of what I want being slotted in the chart, I weed out the things that are neither important not urgent and keep it in my  future ‘todo’ list.

Does it Always Succeed:

I may not always stick to my plan, but that is still ok. Just the act of slotting things in makes my life less overwhelming, and increases the probability of me actually accomplishing my goals. And this is a good attitude to adapt. It goes a long way in supporting your goals and resolutions for the year. While not sticking to your goals can get you frustrated and can put you in a negative thought spin, and it is a natural way how your mind reacts. But telling yourself that you  are not perfect and things don’t always go the way you plan, helps you get back your confidence and re-focus on what you want to achieve.

How does this Tie Back with your Holistic Health:

This constant dance of doing things the usual way, getting overwhelmed, then taking a step back and reflecting and re-calibrating, helps you deal with the stress in life. This works well for your mental health, learning to cope with failures. Now you add some focus on your physical health, take some extra effort to do exercise and healthy eating. Your body and mind is offering you a holistic health package, going a long way in increasing your physical and mental wellbeing, and supporting you in your professional and personal goals.

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