Blog 2/52: The Power to Forgive1 min read

Blog 2/52: The Power to Forgive

The best gift you can give yourself is a happy liver. Your body and mind are  not different but operate as one whole. Any change in your body effects your mind and any change in your mind effects your body. So how can you use this to your benefit.  All the resentment and suppressed anger gets settled in your Liver. When you forgive, and forget and learn to let go, it lets out all this accumulated toxins from your liver. Look at forgiveness as a detox tool. With this context, it becomes unimportant if the other person is right or wrong, good or bad. With this context it becomes easier to let go, to forgive. And it is worth because you are too precious. Forgiveness is worth the effort and you and only you have the power to forgive.

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