Chapter 10 – Happiness1 min read

Ramki on happiness:

This Ted talk sums it up ‘You want meaning in life, not happiness’ by Emily Esfahani Smith

It shows belonging to a family, a society, a culture and adding value to others, taking a few moment away from your busy life to reflect and understand the story you tell yourself, about how you perceive yourself and how your perceive the people and events around you, thinking about a purpose in life, all of this helps you add the ‘Power of Meaning’ to life to give true happiness.

One of the best quotes on happiness:

“I am the happiest man alive
I have that in me that can convert poverty into riches
Adversity into prosperity and
I am more invulnerable than Achilles
Fortune hath not one place to hit me”

by Thomas Browne

If one has such attitude would you be anything other than happy!

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