Chapter 9 – Parenting Superstar2 min read

And Ramki’s take…

  1. Whenever I read or talk about parenting, I can’t but recall what my father did when I was in 8th standard in school. I had got 20 marks in science and I was very afraid to take my progress card to my father. He had one look at it and said ‘which idiot gave you 20 marks?!’ – a question I was thoroughly unprepared for. That showed the confidence he had in me! He took me to school, met the head master and told him, ‘my son is not a genius; at the same time he is not one who deserves 20 marks; I want the teacher changed!’; The head master pleaded saying in middle year it is difficult to change class; but my father would not hear any of it; he said ‘change the class or I change the school!’ and the head master did change my class! After 50 plus years I still remember this vividly and it certainly helped me get self confidence. The whole thing could have been handled very negatively leaving a scar for the rest of my life!
  2. I like the personal stories you give and the vulnerability you are not afraid to show in your writing.
  3. ‘My mother eats and sleeps’ is hilarious!
  4. Another thing I really enjoyed is ‘the child has not read any of it (the books)!
  5. Very good tip: helping child set goals and targets; do not compare!
  6. Some gems here:
    1. You can have your life and be a parent too.
    2. Children make you better human beings.
    3. Never a dull moment as parent.
    4. There is no perfect family.
    5. At no age you stop being a parent and there is no age that you stop learning to be a parent.
    6. Listen without judgment.
    7. Pace a conversation and paraphrase what other person says –are good advices for any conversation.
    8. I am not perfect can be the mantra for improving our life in general; then we will think a lot before criticizing!

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