Blog 30/52 : One Body One Mind

Blog 30/52

One Body + One Mind = One Whole Empowered Self

Our body and mind are one. Yet balancing the thinking head with the feeling heart is a juggling act. Here are some few exercises to help you be in balance and in control.

1.Dance therapy is a great practice, linking emotions and feelings with body movements. You creatively express yourself through dance. It is healing, relaxing, fun and a good body workout.

2. Yoga is a great way to bring your body and mind together as one and be in the moment. Not living in the resentful past, not stressing about the uncertain future. Just be in the moment.

3. Listening to music, or singing or playing a musical instrument not only allows you to express your emotions in a creative way, certain musical sound vibrations can be healing as well.

4. Anything involving our emotions and our sense organs ( hands, eyes, nose, ear and mouth) like cooking, painting and gardening helps us focus in the moment, balancing our head and heart.

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