Blog 36/52: Best Parent

Blog 36/52

How to be the Best Parent

Weddell Seals with a 11 month pregnancy, can single handedly raise their children, teaching them to hunt in the icy water and survive the tricky icy landscape before letting them go to fend for themselves. Orangutans who can get pregnant once every nine years, are also single parents, nurturing their little one for a full eight years, getting them ready with all the survival skills needed and they are ready to be on their own. Male flamingos practice gender equality and coparent till the little ones are strong enough to fly away.

While humans are said to possess more cognitive and emotional abilities than other animals, we unfortunately cannot bag the ‘Best Parent’ award in the animal kingdom. We unwittingly pass our fear and anxiety to our children which works against them thriving in this world. Our inability to let-go of our children when it is time and allow them to learn from their mistakes is another factor that works against making us the best parent despite possessing the best brain in the animal kingdom.

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