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As women, we are often making a checklist for every work around us. Most efficiently we are ticking each item on the list we have made for our personal and professional use. Be it planning the week for our kids or working around an event at work, a checklist often serves as a key driver to get things done in the right manner. Have you ever thought of applying the same to your life? When I say ‘your’, it is independent of any other role you play in your daily life. Be it of a mother, daughter, manager or partner. It is solely what works on a personal level – for growth, for direction and to show yourself the highest level of dedication. 

Personal goals are similar to the new year’s resolutions we make, however, they must last longer and should not be limited to time. You don’t need to wait for January 1 every year to restart or replan what and how much time you need to dedicate to yourself. The right time to start is ‘NOW’. If you don’t have a checklist then it is time to prepare one. The list will entail the personal goals you want to set to achieve. Goals should be sustainable to improve your way of life. Goals that are sure to accelerate your mental and physical health and wellness. You can explore more on a checklist for yourself. Read further to understand how you can bring about a change in your daily life by giving preference to yourself.

Affirm to love yourself

Self-love is the highest form of love. ‘Love yourself’ – a phrase that is easy to say but very difficult to action. Loving yourself should be one of your top priorities. Not all days are the same. But amidst all of this, one must be able to get to a healthy place of self-love. I am sure you have heard of affirmations before. Affirmations are phrases you say each day (sometimes several times a day) until they are so ingrained in you that you fully and wholeheartedly believe them. Every day when you wake up or are going about the day, just say to yourself ‘I LOVE MYSELF’. If that seems a long shot, start by breaking down the phrase to ‘i like my hair’, ‘my eyes are beautiful’, ‘my body can work magic’ etc. Say it multiple times to get yourself to believe in it. 

Conquer a fear

There are so many things we want to do in life but don’t do it out of fear. You might be scared of heights and are missing out on the most adventurous outings. The only way to come out of it is to gradually expose yourself to what makes you fearful. Start small. Take gradual steps and increase the levels. Soon you will realize you have been able to do something you never thought you could. Rationalize your fears and the reassurance can help you work towards overcoming them. Challenging yourself to new things is an excellent way of facing fears head-on. Start small and aim high. 

Make health and wellness a priority

The chaos you go through in your daily life can only be crushed by a healthy and calm mind and body. Take conscious decisions to make health a priority. Work out more, change your diet, sleep better, refrain from alcohol and take your multi-vitamins daily. Engage in a self-care routine and stick to your fitness goals. You just get one body and you should treat it right. These routines that you create for yourself will prove to be a game-changer for your life, the benefits of which you will witness in the long run. 

Switch off and Switch on!

Technology is consuming a huge part of our daily lives. It is recommended to disconnect from gadgets for a set time in the day especially before you end and start the day. Replace that time with reading a book or pursuing a hobby. Whatever brings calm to your mind is recommended. Reading a book helps some while painting or knitting could work for some. It is only fair that we dedicate time to do things we love. 

Find a career you love

Most of us are excelling in both our professional and personal lives, however, it is time to reflect and understand if what we do for a living brings us happiness, ignites our adrenaline or are we simply adjusting to letdowns and frustrations of work. Ask yourself -“Am I living the way I want to live?”  Financial responsibilities should not come in the way of personal fulfilment. Once you have identified what you want to do, find ways to pursue it.

Personal growth is one of the goals every woman should have especially if they want to feel empowered and become more successful. Self-discipline plays an important role in achieving your personal goals. Visit my blog for more insights on how you can grow in your journey.

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