Dream & It Shall Be Yours…2 min read


This is a story from a few years ago, when one day over coffee, I announced to my friends that I am going to be a Motivational Speaker. They looked at me in amazement and then laughed, thinking I was joking. Because I was shy, quiet and rarely spoke up even in a small gathering of friends. But public speaking was one of the fears I wanted to transcend.  It was something I wanted to achieve for a long time and it just remained there languishing in the background. Had I not announced my thought and put it out there to my friends, I would not have taken the effort in that direction to face my fear and address my first set of audience 3 years back, to make my dream a reality. And did I freak out? Yes, totally. I was stressed and thought of backing out many times over. But the support I received from my family and friends made me persevere, work hard and reach my goal. What also helped was accepting that it is ok to not be perfect, it is okay to fail. I also used the word ‘excited’ instead of ‘nervous’ whenever I visualized myself on that stage in front of the audience .
Such is the power of dreams and of visualizing the dreams in your head over and over again till one day it becomes a reality. It helps you build the confidence in yourself which in-turn preps you to excel in whatever you want to succeed in. And the success and growth chart may not be linear. Perhaps that is the best part as you get to learn from your failure. It helps you introspect, come up with creative solutions. It offers an opportunity to grow in a holistic manner.
What are your goals for this year? What are your resolutions? What are the pitfalls you need to be aware of? While New Year’s resolution has a cliched note to it, I look at it as that time of the year to take stock of your life, like an annual appraisal review one is so used to in office. To look at things that worked, at things that need tinkering and to rework and prioritize and plan your time to make life happen for you.

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