My 2020 Journey.2 min read


I started writing these 52 blogs starting from Jan 2020. It is a takeoff from my book : The Game of Change; My Zen steps to Success, Balance and Happiness. I blogged on the topics from the 12 chapters, touching upon being a hero of your life, adapting to changes despite your age, unlocking your inner potentials to success while understanding and using emotions to your benefit, balancing the need to be the confident winner, while evoking your thinking feeling self, thus giving a holistic approach to life, be it personal, family or professional life. In short finding your happiness and success. 2020 has been the year of COVID and introspecting on the tenets of my change management book has been an awesome learning journey, one that helped me reinforce my beliefs and values and allowed me to be strong, grounded and confident in facing the sharp downward turns of this year, helping me relook at some assumptions, especially the ones that were challenged and did not work. Work from home offered me a great learning opportunity. It was amazing to note how much one can accomplish sitting in one place, and accomplish a whole lot of work. It also gave the flexibility for quality family time, and a lot of ‘me’ time. While work days and weekends could blur their boundaries, I learnt to purposefully disassociate and respect time. I also got to upgrade some of my skills and invest time in hobbies I had somehow let go by the way. It allowed me to audit my time, my goals, my effort and with a lot of excitement and high energy, I have set my 2021 goals and expectations with an action plan and measurable scales to monitor the outcome. I look forward to 2021 with a healthy, flexible, open and learning mid-set, ready to flow with the changes of life. I wish all of these blogs to touch your hearts in some way, to help draw wisdom from my experiences and enlighten your life, I would consider myself blessed. I wish the year 2021 is a year of blessing and plenty and wishing you all an exciting fun-filled successful 2021.

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