Ontological Coaching2 min read

As we come to the end of this year 2020, an unusual year, filled with challenges and opportunities, being open, flexible and curious are the survival points. Many speak of getting back to normal. What is normal? Going back to the stressed life, chasing money with the story that we need money to survive, pay our bills, for the house, the car , the basic luxuries we need and this list is never ending. And so is the search of happiness and peace and even success for that matter…never ending. What remains is stress, anxiety, health issues, mental illness. Is this the normal we want to go to? Maybe this is the new normal. What can you do to adapt, adapt while making peace with the situation, and adapt in such a way that you taste success, and enjoy the process? What will make you not be resentful of this situation or any situation for that matter? What will allow you to let-go easily? What will help you to calibrate your expectation to reality and yet succeed in life? What do you want from life? Success? How do you define success and what are you willing to compromise in that path? What are your morals and values that will act as your base, as you build your life? How do you become and stay healthy, physically and mentally? How do you manage to find time for family and self, when work pressure is so high, leaving you drained of time and health? 

           Ontological coaching helps address all such questions and more to unleash success, and be happy in all areas of your life. It is a way of life coaching that helps you introspect. We are all slaves of habits and do things by default without even a thought attached to it. Ontological coaching helps you take a step back, to make you a better observer, to understand what is not working and what you want to change. Being an observer is the first big step. With the use of your body, your language and your emotion, you can change to create new useful habits, to recalibrate your focus, and to be able to relish and enjoy the success in life, in whatever you want to achieve.

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