You Don’t Have to Be a Superman5 min read

You Don't Have to Be Superman - Geeta Ramakrishnan

Juggling Multiple Roles

You have to juggle multiple roles, and as a result, you are often overwhelmed and stressed. You focus on work at the cost of your personal life, and sometimes it is the other way around. Don’t let this starting line distress you more. It is possible to be a team player, a leader and find that Zen balance to happier lives in your professional and personal life.

Competition and stress surround you in today’s world and whether one likes it or not. You work twice as hard in many aspects of life, be it professional or personal. You wear multiple hats, and successfully juggling all your tasks is an acquired skill. You are a child, parent, professional, manager, homemaker, dreamer, and achiever at different times.  It is like you are with one body but donning other avatars. You want to be strong and confident in all that you do, which comes with a cost.

It often costs your self-esteem and health. It costs you your work-life balance. Soon, resentment and stress become an accepted way of life. It would help if you learned to step back, pause and introspect. It would be best if you gave yourself the time and much earned validation to feel confident, which usually takes a beating as you navigate through these multiple roles in life.

I am sure everybody can resonate with this exciting definition of work-life balance.

Is the Concept of ‘Superman’ a Myth?

Are you on a quest to be an achiever, or are you just living without any thought or focus, just tiding through life as it comes? Does too much work that you add to your plate overwhelm you instead of boosting effectiveness?

It may be harder for you to climb the corporate ladder with this mindset.  Is that making you aggressive, irritable, and tired instead of enthusiastic? How can you claim both success and happiness back to your life? Maybe you are devoting more time to work and feeling guilty in the bargain. Perhaps you want to focus more on your family, children and don’t know how to find the time. Does it deplete your energy and put you in constant stress?

Stop Pushing Yourself Too Hard!

Everyone constantly struggles to give their best to the different roles they play in life. You are not alone. However, you need not live life this way, and this awareness is the first step to change. It is good to push your limits, but it drains you when this happens in an unstructured way. Contrary to what you believe, taking it slow helps get a better handle on your work and life.

Escape from Stress

While smoking and drinking socially may not be harmful, it can be short-lived, increasing addictive dependency as an escape from stress. Another way to cope with stress is by procrastination, denial, or ignoring the problem at hand. You start to play the blame game: My office staff never reports on time, why can’t my children be more responsible. The list is endless.

Defeat Your Fears

Your body needs the rest when the symptoms are shouting out otherwise. It could be the aches and pains which doctors have no remedy for; it could be some gene issues or just that niggling headache. How many times are you in denial when there is physical or emotional abuse? You might want to ignore and wish the problem away, as you have no time or energy to deal with them now. Yes, it takes courage. It takes courage to say ‘No.’ Yes, there is fear. But everything you want is often possible if you defeat your worries.

When you recognize the problems and pitfalls, you want to change. Often all it takes is to take a step back and take a deep breath. Sounds so easy, yet it is powerfully effective. These few seconds are enough to allow your brain to move from stress to Zen. It gives your brain the power to analyze and prioritize.

Let it Go; Find the Balance

If you want to give your best in all the roles at work and home, be an enabler, a team player,  you need to validate your effort and achievements. Give yourself love. It is ok to make mistakes. You can learn from them, however difficult the lesson may be.

  1. Prioritize
    Learn to prioritize and let go of what is not essential, what you cannot handle now. By limiting your activities, you feel less overwhelmed and more prepared to devote your 100% to each of them.
  2. Empathy
    Empathy helps one look at issues from another perspective while not necessarily agreeing with it. Try to understand a colleague’s point, sometimes beyond work. It will lead to healthy conversations, even if it is a difficult one.
  3. Appreciation and Feeling Heard
    Appreciation and feeling heard are great tools to offer, to gain trust and respect. All these steps help you to define your boundary. It automatically makes you assertive and confident. It boosts your self-esteem, image, and self-worth.

The more you exercise these mindful practices, the more you will access the creative brain and find that perfect balance. It helps stay away from resentment and stress. It will allow you to blossom into a strong, confident person with abundant energy. This energy will help you re-invent yourself, be creative, and help you take calculated risks. You can maintain a healthy, happy work-life balance.

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