Blog 4/52 Wear your Smile

Blog 4/52: Wear your Smile 🙂
Do you notice how you show up in the mornings? This mood lays a path of how you think and feel the rest of that day.
Sonia got up late, was caught up in a traffic jam and was late for her meeting. Her meeting did not go well. She was passing her irritable mood to her team and it did not help the situation.
What can you do if you were in Sonia’s place… Can you put on a big smile in your face. Try it out. Yes, you can fake it till you make it. Your brains will think you are happy when your facial muscles makes the impression of a ‘smile’. Just as your irritable energy is contagious, a smiley happy positive energy is equally contagious. People will be more relaxed around you and consequently this forms a good platform to creatively deal with any situation with more patience and acceptance.

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