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Do you struggle with work-life balance?
Are you successful at work and your other priorities like family or social life takes a hit? Or are you the type that gets so engrossed in your day-to-day mundane things, that you are unable to focus on the larger picture.

My Personal Experience…
I can tell you from my own personal experience of being in a family business, of bringing up two children, being a wife to an ambitious husband and… I also want to be very confident and hands on at work and at home. It all sounds good but in practice I realized that the balance was not so easy. Meaning when I used to focus more at work, at business, I realize it was at the cost of my attention at home and to my children. And being a very protective mother, it took a big toll on my emotion. And then when I decided to focus more on my children and my house, I notice that it took a toll at work and on our social life. When I say it took a toll on me, it affected my confidence level and at some point, it started affecting my health because I was feeling stressed and unhappy most of the time. I was living in resentment and started playing the blame game, blaming others for my unhappiness and stress. And believe me when you are in that circle it is very hard to objectively see things in perspective, as I can see it today.

Work, Family or Me, what comes first?
Many times, when I ask people to rate in order of priority: your work, your family and you, the most common answer is work of course because that is your bread and butter and then comes family and then if you have some time let over then it is you. Now look at it this way. If you start from ‘me, then family and then work’ what does that entail. What I mean by that is, if you start with focusing and taking care of yourself first, taking care of your physical fitness, of your healthy eating habits, your mental fitness, so that you feel strong and physically healthy and mentally alert. This way you show up more calm and less stressed and more present at work and to your family. You will find yourself less likely to be snappy, to be irritated and more likely to be pleasant often.

Getting your Best:
This general mood that you wear allows you to get your best done. And it increases your efficiency at whatever you want to do. It is a great idea to start by taking some time off and focus your attention and your thought on what you really want from life, what goals you want to achieve, say one year down the line. Now spread these goals into professional goals, into physical fitness goals, into family goals and some social type of goals. Then work backwards, prioritizing your every-day. You will soon realize that you must let go of certain things because they were not so important now and you have to give more of your energy of other things that work towards you achieving your goals. This will help keep your day more organized and you will be able to handle stress with calmer.

Positive Frame of Mind:
Another great aspect that I realized, something that is very easy to do and yet so important, is being in a positive frame of mind. Now you can ask, if things are going so bad around you, how can you be in a positive frame of mind. Now think about this fact … there is always a 50% chance of things going the right way, so why not give your focus and attention to the positive side of things. For example, if you had to work with the team and you thought the team members were so bad at organizing, instead of getting annoyed at them, try saying this. ‘I like your effort and I like that you’re also enthusiastic and want to make it happen’. You will notice a sudden happy change in mood of the team members. When you start appreciating more, people try to make that extra effort for you.

End Result:
So how does all this go with the Work-life balance. You are in a lighter frame of mind. You can give more of you to the family and to your work, and you are able to achieve more because you have converted that stressed and unhappy self to a very enthusiastic and positive person. This forms a good backbone to a work-life balance. You can life to its fullest, enjoy life, achieve your goals, and ace your professional and personal life and claim your power back from life.

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