The Beautiful Concept Of Yin-Yang and its relevance in human partnerships2 min read

Duality of relationships

Yin-Yang symbol, also known as the Tai-Chi symbol, is an ancient Chinese duality concept of co-existence, where two opposites are teamed to create one whole. Yin represents passive femininity and Yang represents active masculinity. Much like the Indian concept of God and Goddess. In the same line, relationships between two people can be looked as a partnership where you seek and derive strength from the opposites.

While gender equality involves focusing on providing men, women and gender diverse people with an equal opportunity, it can improve the organizational performance by enabling diversity which helps provide a holistic approach at work, it also addresses some legal issues of right to employment, land rights or even right to education. This holds good especially considering the reality that even today top managerial posts are still male dominated, in many industries and even in politics. One still needs to start with gender equity, which provides fairness.

Men and women have been genetically and socially wired differently. They behave differently, for example men want short explanations and to simply choose between A or B. Men like to narrow their focus and not get entangled with unnecessary information, Men decide rationally, are naturally aggressive, having a higher level of testosterone, women love to bargain, haggle, and want big explanations, more options and want to touch and feel things before deciding. Women tend to be emotionally stronger. Women are more adept in handling complex roles and multitasking, juggling multiple roles as daughters, mothers, wife, home-makers and professionals. They have better communication skills and articulate better, and lend clarity to the situation. Being better at recalling, they make better choices in tricky meetings. At the end of the day, taking into account that men and women can complement each other beautifully, and work in a holistically manner will be the best win-win, Yin-Yang way to success.

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