Positive Affirmations1 min read

We generate an average of 50,000 thoughts every day. Approximately 95% of these thoughts are negative and recurring and is focused on the past regrets, complaints, blaming others or worrying about the uncertain future, wondering how you can cope with changes you think you are equipped to handle. It could be losing your job, not finding another good opportunity, or health issues with COVID hanging around, financial crisis, things that stress us so much that we just don’t know how to handle them. And it is not surprising, as all this stress has shut down our problem solving side of your brain, which is what we want to access in the first place. It pulls down our self-confidence making us unsure of and doubt our own capabilities.

One useful step it to first understand that we are not a superman or superwoman and it is ok to fail. And to break the habit of ruminating on negative thoughts, we can write down some positive affirmations and speak it aloud daily. This is a good brain-hack. It could be ‘I am capable of handling any challenges that come my way’ and ‘ I see failure as an opportunity’.

These positive affirmations and self-talk will help in accepting our failures, our fears and doubts in life. We will be open to learning from our failures. This learning from mistakes will help us develop a positive attitude and a growth mindset, helping us cope with confidence, anything that life throws at us.

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