Chapter 3 – Inner Urge1 min read

Week 3, Ramki says and I quote:

‘Some gems I liked:

  1. Your values need not be the same as another person. Not recognizing this is root
    cause of many problems; people want to see their mirror image in others and get disappointed if they can’t find it! The basic values are summarized in our scriptures
    as ‘Satyam Vadha, Dharmam chara- speak the truth, lead a Righteous life’ . Simple,
    elegant and common for all!
  2. You can have group values. Later on you say have family values. That’s a very good
  3. Build your image around your values
  4. Living by example is the best way for younger generation to emulate the values.
  5. Open your arms to change, but do not let go of your values.
  6. Assign ‘me time’
  7. More material thing more stress.
  8. More you care and give more you reap the benefits
  9. You are answerable to yourself first. If only people will hear the inner voice!
  10. Compromising once leads you to do more and more.

In financial frauds this happens often; they feel ‘just once’; ‘every one is doing it’; ‘I will correct it next year’ etc ; it does not happen; once you cross the Lakshman Rekha you are finished. Ramalinga Raju of Satyam called it ‘riding the tiger’; once you mount the tiger there is no going back.’

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