Chapter 6 – Emotional Savvy3 min read

And Ramki says…

  1. Internal world is full of stories! Numerous!
  2. Emotional agility is an ability to glide in and out of the maze of emotions, both positive and negative, accepting difficult ones with equal ease- The chapter 13 verse 8-12 of Gita we saw regarding qualities of Gnani also includes even-mindedness amidst desired and undesired events in life.
  3. It’s ok to feel emotions. You follow it later with ‘It’s ok to be angry; what you do with the anger is more important’. If it is channeled into doing something good anger is even welcome! I keep saying if some groups had shown all their energy and efforts in doing positive things like more education, more industrialisation etc that would have uplifted the world around them a lot.
  4. Happiness is independent of wealth. That’s why a Buddhist monk is called the ‘happiest man alive’; Bhutan talks of Gross Domestic Happiness.
  5. Very rightly you talk of the expectation of ‘likes’ in Facebook and Instagram; people have become slaves to their mobiles and apps! That’s why mobile free time/ days are so important!
  6. Favorite place which gives happiness. Everyone can relate to that and will have one’s own favorite place/memory.
  7. Epigenetics says ‘Positive experience can rewrite DNA itself!’ – I compare DNA and genes to Karma and Positive experience to Free will. Maybe you can’t rewrite your Karma/DNA but you can surely tweak it a little, if you use your free will.
  8. Interesting when you say ‘memory does not fade with age.’ I am also surprised how some events which happened when I was 5, I can recall after 60 years! I realise emotions have their own mind!
  9. ‘An appropriate amount of empathy’ is a great advise. It is necessary to be moderate in everything including empathy!
  10. I read somewhere ‘scientist sees NaCl+ H2O when he sees tears; a sensitive man sees what’s behind the tears!’
  11. Forgiving does you more good that the others. So true. When you read of stories like ‘Mother Forgives Her Son’s Killer. He Now Calls Her Mom’ you wonder whether it is practicable at all; but imagine the peace which both will earn if that happens! Though it is said Mahatma never said it ‘ An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind’ is a beautiful quote whoever said it! Kural says ‘Inna seitharai Oruthal avar Nana Nannayam seithu vidal’ – ‘Make a wrong doer feel shy, by doing him a favour. If others harm you, do good unto them, so that they are shamed into realizing their mistakes.’
  12. The action steps are very practical; I always look forward to second Sunday when I attend the humor club; it charges your battery; I did Para-gliding at Bir billing HP at age 65 and am so happy I did it!’

What do you fear? Your health? Your wealth? Your relationship? What is holding you back? Fear is valid and necessary and to curb some impulsive behaviors. If you don’t take that chance, that calculated risk, you will not grow. You may stagnate. What risks are you willing to take? ????

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