Let’s Examine the Assumptions We Build in Life2 min read

Let’s examine the assumptions we build in life. We form opinions and perceptions based on the assumptions we make in accordance to the experiences we pick up and build in life. Some specially strong experiences from our childhood have a profound influence in the assumptions we tend to make. Over time we start believing these assumption as ‘Facts’. As days pan into months and years, we don’t have time to examine and introspect some assumed ‘facts’. For example, if you are struggling to raise your children and struggling in successfully juggling home and work, you start developing a complex and may start believing that you are a bad mother. Possibly your mom was also busy and had no time for you. These memories add to your assumption. And right enough, one of your kids may have had a bad fall at home, when you were in the office. You are guilt ridden now with the ‘what if’ thoughts. Now if your other child failed their final exam and it came as a shock to you, again another valid reason to further entrench your belief that you are a bad mom. Now you will base all your future actions based on this truth that you are a bad mom, not be able to give the required attention to your children. You may compensate with material gifts for the children, again not a helpful reaction. Now if you were to take an intentional break, a pause, and do an audit of your juggling life, to introspect. Just because you are successful at work and spend more time in the office does not make you a bad mom. Maybe it is a good time to look at a better time management system for your work life balance. With this open mind you will be able to figure out some quality changes, maybe more interaction time with your children. You can also have a simple conversation with the children, explaining how you have responsibilities and you want this mother-child bond to be better, they will be more accepting and together you can work out some great ideas.The idea is to poke holes on some assumptions we build with age, and keep the helpful ones and replace the unhelpful ones.

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