Women Fitness online : Feb 2020 issue


How do you want to show up to your family, your friends, and your office? Do you want to be a high-strung stressed out and sometimes haggard you or a strong confident you that people look up to?

When I have asked people how they prioritize themselves, their work and their family, I often get this answer: Work, family and me. If you are playing an important pivotal role in your family and/or at work, doesn’t it make sense to focus first on ‘you’, to make you stronger, calmer, grounded person to be able to handle all the chaos and madness around you? Yes. It is counter-intuitive. You are so focused and pulled down by the stress in life that you have no time to breathe. As women, we tend to be natural givers and forget it is ok to receive as well. Listen to your body, give it a break once in a while and outsource help. Take time to look after your body. It could be in the form of exercise, healthy eating, taking time to groom yourself or taking that much-needed break even if it is over your children’s need. Meet friends for coffee and perhaps indulge in a guilt-free shopping spree.
Once you give time, space and energy to nurture yourself, your mind becomes calmer and more relaxed. This positive energy shows up in your body as well. You are better equipped to handle the stress around you, be it at home or in your office. Once you learn to love and respect yourself first, you metamorphize into a positive, happy and confident woman with an ability to give more, to your family, to friends and at work.
#Loveurself Because you are worth it




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