Managing Your Energy as a Parent3 min read

In one of my previous blogs, I covered how being a perfect parent is a myth. Yet this is a constant struggle for parents. Bringing up a child is a huge responsibility. It takes a lot of commitment from prospective parents not just physically and monetarily but also emotionally. Even then as working or stay-at-home mothers we often find ourselves in a dilemma in understanding if we spend enough time with our kids. Being on the go all the time can take its toll and we find ourselves running out of batteries earlier than sleep time. This results in regularly feeling drained, overwhelmed and off-balance when it comes to raising your kids. This blog is for you to understand how you can channel in the right energies with patience, and perspective to be the parent you want to be. Read on further to understand how best you can manage your energy as a parent.

Do not believe all that you see

The fatigue that comes with parenthood is exactly opposite to what we see on social media and on glamorizing TV series. Seldom do people talk about the real struggles that they encounter and how they go about a tiring day with kids. Comparing yourselves to others will only result in disappointment and drain your energy rather than boost it. 

Leave your stress outside of the home

Keeping your professional and personal life separate is often not easy. However, it is advisable to keep work stress outside of the home. An effective way to do this is to briefly have a conversation with a colleague or relative before you get home to diffuse the situation.

Ask for help 

Despite this juggling, you should accept the fact that you help and support. Especially during stressful times, enrol the grandparents or friends to babysit your kid. It can give you, as a parent, some free time for each other, to gather your sometimes chaotic and fast-paced life. This allows you to be fully available as parents, where you are more fun to be with rather than be stressed and in an angry mood. I dedicate my Thursdays to spend time with my 1-year-old grandson as his parents use that time to run some errands and simply unwind during a busy week.  

Be 100% available

At times that you are present with your children, give them your 100% attention. By attending office calls during family time, you are unconsciously sending the message that they are less important to you, while ironically you are working for your family. The best parts of your childhood are not those expensive gifts your parents gave you; it is the time you spent together, the times you laughed and played together. Wouldn’t you want to give the same to your children?

Nutrition, exercise and fresh air

It is worth investing in your mental and physical wellbeing to give your body the right nourishment, appropriate exercises and hydration to keep your energy levels in check. You must always emit the right energy that will help partake in your kid’s growth journey.  

Lead by example

If your life is more organized and disciplined, your children learn by example. Co-create the rules and boundaries together, enrolling the children in the process. Define the consequences of breaking the rules. It need not be severe. Missing the weekend out or washing the dishes perhaps. And follow through with it. Playing board games or doing a barbeque together is a great family bonding exercise.

While some of the above require you to make a slight lifestyle change, here are some of the quick fixes that can see an adrenaline rush in your energy levels. Some examples are a cuddle, singing or playing music, meditation, mindfulness, prayer, breathing or deep relaxation and spending time in silence.  Balancing your professional and personal life can be challenging, but it’s essential. You can go through this link for some tips and inspiration.

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