Move on – Let Your Past Go and it May Never Define You2 min read

One thing we must always remember is that experience builds us to be better, hopefully not the other way around. As life is just like a roller coaster of ups and downs, no one stays on top or down under if you know what I mean. Good and bad days will always come, and it’s up to you how you will learn from it and step up to the challenge.

It is hard to go on with life when we cling so much to the past.

The past is something that is finished, and it is now just a memory that you will always have whether you like it or not.

That means you need to leave it all in the past, too. Those that made you who you are right now, but that is not who you will be in the future.

Live in the now

Being happy is a matter of choice and the key to having a great life is to forgive yourself and leaving yesterday in the past as a finished chapter in the book of you.

When you achieved this part, only then you will be ready to have great relationships and life will start to become easier.

I once coached my friend Sonia who couldn’t seem to forgive someone from her past. I simply told her; how can you love the newcomers if you are still holding on to an old story? Since most likely, everyone else has moved on, so, it is your time now to say, “It’s about time, I am ready to start a new chapter.”

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Failures are opportunities to learn and grow – embrace it. They are designed to teach and make us stronger, better, kinder, tougher and more wonderful than we are in the present.

This is one of the ways we grow. This is how we move forward.

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