Blog 20/52 Stress to Zen

Notice how stress is the underlying cause of most problems in life from procrastination or lifestyle diseases like diabetes, hypertension bad cholesterol, CPCOD, cardio vascular diseases and obesity. Often the issue causing stress is not as important as the harmful effects of stress itself. Stress is not all bad. It is a protective mechanism of your body. But living in stress 24/7 is not helpful. Your brain cannot differentiate between real and perceived stress and reacts by shutting down the problem solving part of the brain, which is what you need to access in the first place. Taking a pause once in a while though counter-intuitive is helpful. To re-examine your purpose and goals in life, both personal and professional. To prioritize, to say ‘no’ effectively when your cup of tea is overflowing, to give your brains a rest once in a while, to enjoy the nature around you, to be grateful for all the things in life that you have. This pause allows you to step from Stress to Zen.

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