Blog 1 /52 : Hero or Zero

1/52: Hero or Zero

 Zen ways to handle Stress and unleash Success, Balance and Happiness.

‘Your happiness depends on your self-reliance to take responsibility of your life, regardless of who had a hand in making it the way it is now’ It is about being the Hero in your life not the Victim’. John Reyes

Being a Zero : You always blame others for whatever circumstance you are undergoing. You feel life is unfair and bad things happen only to you all the time. You don’t take responsibility for the unpleasant things and circumstances in your life. This shows up in  your lack of confidence, lack of risk taking ability and you tend to procrastinate.

Being a Hero: You catch yourself in such unresourceful state and realize there is a choice.  Maybe the circumstance/situation may not change. What can you do about it now? Be response-able. Sometimes a simple conversation, simple words with empathy, feeling and saying  sorry, hearing out other person are good tools.

95% of people live in victim state. Look for opportunities here, to become the hero of your life.

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