#Couplegoals New Year Resolutions 20201 min read

Sharing an article on Couple Goals, from Wedding Vows December 2019 issue, where I have articulated some thoughts .. and I quote from the magazine…

‘Marriage makes you a better version of yourself, to help you see and to learn from the different views and perspective offered by your spouse. A relationship needs constant fuel to keep it alive and burning. And we have to choose the right fuel. “We live in a world where men and women are both invested in running a professional and family life. Balancing this act leads to stress, lack of time and patience to talk through the problems and arguments in their life. The moment EGO comes into play, thoughts like ‘who is more right or wrong’, and the idea of ‘why should I give up my view over my spouse’ are the ones seeding cracks and breaks in the relationship. If you want a partner to agree to all your views, you might as well marry a clone,” says Geeta Ramakrishnan, Ontological coach and Author.

Understanding a partner with a different view, being curious and having healthy debates, agreeing to disagree, mutual respects are some aspects to invest in for a long happy marriage, she adds.’


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