How to deal with Anxiety and Stress

Anxiety and its effect on Health

The better way to deal with your worries and anxiety is to steer your life in a more exciting direction. It boosts your self-esteem and gives you the courage to achieve your goals. This shift in attitude from stress to excitement has a positive effect on your job performance and professional life. As a result, your personal life, fitness, and overall wellbeing are all improved.

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Claim your power on Life.

We can not make progress in terms of work-life balance if we step up our productivity but take on more and more work.
We’ll find ourselves at the mercy of conditions and external pressures if we do not set limits.
So taking small actions, prioritising and moving in one direction will be of great help.

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The Power of saying NO

The Skill of saying an assertive ‘NO’

It’s impossible to please everyone. Saying ‘yes’ can be draining all the time, and you need to draw a line on when and how to say ‘no’. It is best to keep the reason short and clear when saying
Two tips I’ll leave you with:
1. With a soft smile, say ‘no’.
2. Follow up after saying ‘no’ so that the other party understands you didn’t just say ‘no’ thoughtlessly.

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Stepping Stones to success

Can One really step back and not miss the bus?

There’s always so much that comes with living a good healthy life – work life balance, personal life balance and a lot of other things as well. But sometimes it’s okay to pause and look back at life – it helps in prioritizing our well being and to stay focused. It’s also completely okay to make mistakes as it offers the best learning path.

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Dream and it shall be Yours

I was always a shy person, and my dream to be a speaker took everyone by surprise. 3 years down the line, I have made the dream a reality and it never would have happened if I had not taken the effort in that direction to face my fears. I visualized myself on that stage in front of the audience and it happened! Such is the power of dreams and of visualizing the dreams in your head over and over again till one day it becomes a reality…

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